World Business Traveler

World Business Traveler is an NFT photo collection of carefully selected pictures on ethereum blockchain.

I am very excited that on this new project I have partnered with Mr. Hüseyin Günerergin, who is actually the person to name the collection, as he is a world business traveler, an agronomist, a world-class agri-business consultant, an amateur photographer, our neighbor in the same district and a true older brother for me.

Our collection reflects some best moments in the camera of his iPhone in different parts of the world.

I dropped the collection at NFTakka’s OpenSea page. It is now open to the attention of all NFT community, NFT collectors and it is on sale now.

NFTakka is my account, my endeavor to work and cooperate with best-class digital artists for creating best quality NFT’s in the future. Apart from OpenSea, like many of the NFT community members, I use Twitter @nftakka instantly as well.

I truly believe, these subjects like metaverse , cryptos, blockchain technology, de-fi, NFT’s, artificial intelligence will rock the future!

So, better take a position of yours as well, as soon as possible.


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