Korel Eraybar NFT


I am very happy to announce this new NFT project on OpenSea.

NFTakka made a partnership with Korel Eraybar, award-winning photographer, sportsman, paramedic, mountainer, author, and artist to create an OpenSea Premium collection with some of his best photo shots and digital art pieces.

Let me briefly introduce our artist:

Korel Eraybar was born in İstanbul in 1965 as the 3rd generation member of a family who had a hobby interest in photography. Though he did not find the classical film cameras quite attractive at that time, he has been taking photo shots since age 10 as he was born into this photographer family.

He was a sportsman; in the past he performed as an athlete for 7 years, athletism coach for 2 years.

Graduate of Anadolu University Department of Economics with honor degree and started taking interest to philosophy, sociology and history during his university time.

After 1999 Marmara earthquake disaster that happened in Turkey, he joined disaster and emergency management organizations and worked in several roles in sea search & rescue, disaster search & rescue, medical search & rescue teams. After these works, he took his master’s degree at İstanbul Technical University in the field of “Disasters and Emergency Situations Management”. He also took his doctorate degree and lectured for a while in the same university.

Since 2008, he has been taking digital shots after moving to Antalya.

In photography he had participated in 3 personal exhibitions and one group exhibitions; namely

  • YAPEX Exhibition, 2010, Antalya (personal)
  • Antalya Cultural Center, 2011, Antalya (personal)
  • Chamber of Architects, 2011, Antalya (personal)
  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 2012 (group)

He got the following awards in photography

  • New Photovision 2015, 2nd International Triennial of Projected Image, Serbia
  • “Surreal Lighthouse” , United Photographers International (UPI) Honorable mansion award
  • “Wedding in Spring”, Exhibition award
  • “Hurry in a Rainy Tunnel”, Exhibition award
  • “Mass Transportation”, Exhibition award
  • Equinox Two – International Saloon of Fine Art Photography, Hong Kong
  • “Ghost Rider”, Exhibition award
  • “Snow & Rocks”, Exhibition award
  • “Evening Colors”, Exhibition award
  • “Arid Land”, Exhibition award

Since 2012, mainly in Antalya, he had presented several presentations in the fields of philosophy, architecture and history of art for 8 years. At that time, he had also organized more than 200 nature excursions. At the age of 51, in 2016, he started interesting to mountaining and achieved 25 summits since then.

Since 2018 he is also performing in painting. Korel Eraybar is married with 2 children and he is also the author of 3 published books, two in Turkish and one in English.

His professional background can also be checked here. (Turkish)

In the collection, together with Korel Eraybar, we carefully selected the images. The collection includes normal photo shots taken with his professional camera as well as versions of these photos as digitally mastered pieces.

We already put some pieces on Opensea and continue loading new ones soon.

You’d better “add to watchlist” this collection. Perfect art pieces is on the way. Not only beautiful art for collectors, but also a very promising investment opportunity for crypto traders, NFT lovers, metaverse hunters!

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