Love is..

This sticker is not only a childhood memory in the form of chewing gum little notes but also an NFT that was sent to me as a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day, after purchasing Dinah from the creator artist.

So, I am sharing the love with you and wishing Happy Valentines Day 2022 for all ­čÖé

Here are the news since my previous post:

NFTakka’s LinkedIn page is open now. For those LinkedIn addicts, please find the link above. Follow the page, comment, share, whatever you wish ­čÖé

My second collection, Owl Family AI art, is generated on Polygon blockchain with the help of artificial intelligence software and is on sale now at OpenSea. Why owls? Because they are the symbols of wisdom, silence, and intelligence, I like the philosophy behind them a lot.

Actually, as one of my friends wished me at the announcement phase of our first collection, World Business Traveler, it is a magnificent experience to feel like an artist, as I, by myself created the objects. The software helped me a lot but anyway the result is satisfactory, isn’t it?

For this collection, there is a chance for you to get one gift NFT, as a giveaway, till this Saturday, if you follow me @nftakka and retweet the tweet below:

What if I cooperate in the future with the best class digital artists around the world and produce great quality art works?

Oh, this makes me thrilled ­čÖé